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Business Management

Management is the act of bringing people together in order to achieve the set goals and objectives using available assets resourcefully and successfully. Management comprises the following functions so as to achieve the set goals. They are; planning, organizing, controlling, staffing, leading, motivating and others (Huston & Marquis, 2008). 

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A manager in a service department needs to have some characteristics and skills in order to work efficiently and effectively attend to his customers. As a recruiting manager, I would look for some characteristics that he should have. First and foremost he should have time management. In such a department, the manager need to be time conscious and make sure that he having met the deadlines for specific tasks. Time is like finances and they both need to be budgeted for prudently (Huston & Marquis, 2009).

Communication skills are extremely crucial characteristics that the service manager should have.  Is the manager that I am recruiting has the courage to communicate to the customers effectively?  Communication is essential in any part of life, particularly for management teams and among employees. The manager needs to be communicating clearly to his fellow managers, other businesses, and employees as well to the customers. Conflicts occur in organizations and the manager has to have a skill of solving conflicts. The manager should be able to listen, identify the problem which led to the conflict, and find a solution which led to the conflict. This should be done so that the organization will not fail to attain its objectives (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).

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The business field expects a lot from the senior people and personality traits are a major characteristic. The Manager should be innovative, thoughtful, certain, and have the will of learning from other. Does the manager whom I am recruiting have the above personal traits? This is because the management position needs a person who has the key qualities and not everyone possesses all.

This is a new department and we need a manager who has a vision for the organization. The manager should work as if the organization is his, and see where it will be in the future. He should understand his juniors and what motivates them so as to do the work in order to achieve the set goals. The manager should be flexible to changes because he can be transferred to a certain area where he is has never worked before. In this area he is supposed to be effective as in the area he was before. He should be a team player. He should be participating in the achieving of the goals set by the organization. Can the new manager work hand in hand with his employees in order to achieve the set goals? The manager should see the organization has a whole and how it interacts with other organizations (Huston & Marquis, 2008).

There are various functions of management that the manager should be able to accomplish. The first one is planning. Planning is; deciding what measures are is one to take in order to achieve the goals of the organization. The manager to be recruited should be able to set objectives and find an appropriate way on how to achieve those goals. Organizing is the second function which the manager should achieve. Organizing is the process of bringing bodily, economic and human assets and building industrious association among them all for the accomplishment of organizational goals (Singla, 2010).   

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Staffing is the function of looking at the managerial arrangement. Here the manager is suppose to allocate employees where there best in and where their skills matches with the job they are required to do. Is the manager whom I am going to recruit having to see and identify where the employee is best in and allocate him there?  The manager should be able to motivate the employees, and that the organization can have high outputs and achieve its goals efficiently and effectively (Singla, 2010).

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