Project Performance Control

Due to the challenges facing the project in terms of lapse in time, cost and performance, there is need to adjust the project action plan. To start with, changes are to be made in the project timeline due to some of the activities that had been omitted/not performed as scheduled (Futrell, Shafer, D & Shafer L, 2002) Due to realization that there were discords in the project performance, the following activities were included in the execution plan;

(a) Weekly meetings were scheduled between the team leaders, managers and the execution team to review the project progress. This included a meeting between the project manager and the every one responsible for the team executions. Such meetings reviewed the proposed budget and the actual budget, planned progress and the actual progress of the project, and the finally review of the general performance of individual employees. The team leaders and line managers should also have their schedule adjusted so that they meet their teams and share experiences, review issues and resolve problems and concerns. This new development pushed the timeline by six hours every week. This must be adjusted in the new action plan.

(b) Due to delay in the supply of the product and test resources, time had to be adjusted such that the project goals could be realized.  

(c) Though the financial planners worked on the resource estimation required for the completion of the project, adjustments had are to be made on the budget. This is due to the price changes in the recommended cell phone, memory items, disks and other resources. This calls for an adjustment in the financial plans.

(d) As a result of sickness and other unforeseen circumstances, the execution teams are not about to complete their assignments within the stipulated time plan. This calls for time adjustments to complete the project.

Communication of the project changes

Since this project involves several people working differently, a formal communication should be devised to keep each department aware of any change in other departments. Any changes/developments should be communicated to the project manager's office where they will   in turn be communicated to the relevant departments of the project (Robert, 2006).

Generally, as a result of the above changes and adjustments to the projects, the following output modifications are considered;

  • Scope verification - this involves formalizing acceptance of project scope.
  • Performance of quality control - this involves use of qualified personnel to track the project progress and the quality of the performances.
  • Management of the project teams which remains with the project manager.
  • Performance evaluation and reporting should be done by the team leaders and the line managers.
  • Stakeholder management - this is important as it assist the project in achieving its objectives. Through faithful management of agreements and expectations, project manager is able to influence internal and external environment, creating the required relationships.
  • Finally there is the project contract administration which helps to steer the project goals and needs on track. This is important part of control and monitoring process. The inputs involved here are contracts signed by the employees and the suppliers. Contract management plan in this case helps the project manager with guidelines to monitor and control the whole project execution.

Adjusted Project Management Action Plan (Gantt Chat)

Due to the delays and change in schedules, the project which was scheduled to be completed in October is completed in December 2011.

Activity Time Cost
  Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec  
Software management plan                          
Software necessities specification and description                          
Software upgrading program                          
Cell phone purchase                          
Software and cell phones quality assurance and control                          
Risk management plan                          
Stakeholder management                          
Performance evaluation and reporting                          
Management of the project teams                          
Contract administration