Conflict Management


It has come to my knowledge that there is a problem that is slowly cropping up in the (our) organization, this problem has been encountered by many companies. So this memo addressed the importance of introducing conflict management courses in the organization in order to help the organization achieve its intended goals. This will ensure that the customers /clients, management and employees of the company are satisfied with the way the company operates and as a consequence ensure that the company succeeds in its respective market (Langabeer, 2008).

The main problem that I am talking about is conflicts and disagreements. Conflict is defined as the situation where two or more individuals come into a state of collision or disagreement due to a clash or opposition on a given view thus resulting to tension amongst the people who are experiencing the conflict. This results to the reduced the flow of communication between these different groups/individuals and in the process resulting to poor relationship between the employees of the company. For this reason, the company encounters losses as the employees are loosing cohesion with each other (eHow, 2009).    

Effects of conflict in an organization

Organizational Conflict is a situation that can be dated back from history and it is noted to be accompanied by lots of negative outcomes to the organization. These include, dilapidation of the employees' health, decrease in the employees' productivity, reduction of the organizations workforce, violence amongst the employees in the organization, reduction of the employees' creativity and communication amongst other aspects that affects the organizations productivity (Langabeer, 2008).

Remedies of conflict

As a well trained manager in the field of conflict management and having recently concluded a research on Healthcare's operations I have some remedies aimed at reducing the cases of conflict in the organization; this in attempts aimed at reviving the lost morale and enhance cohesion amongst the employees of the company (Alper, et al, 2000). Conflict management is processes that involve the implementation of strategies that are reduce the negative effects of conflict and thus providing an atmosphere that is free from any form of conflict. At the same enhance that there is the learning of the employees groups characteristics and thus ensure that the missing cohesion is revived (eHow, 2009).

From my research on Healthcare's operations it is clear that an organization that is not having conflicts has got a lot of advantages that range from improving of the organizations/labor productivity. This is as a result of the employees understanding each other and at the same time improves the communication processes between the employees. This will also result to fast operations (Service delivery), it will also shorten cycle times, this will generally improve the organizations overall services. This ensures that the company fulfils its duties and goals thus making it successful this are by the company improving its financial growth (eHow, 2009).   


The objective of every organization is to become the most successful organization in their respective service/goods delivery and also providing its employees with a conducive work environment. In order for the company to become the most successful it has to ensure that the employees are not in any conflict amongst themselves (Langabeer, 2008).

The research that I had just done on Healthcare's operations has provided me with the most effective recommendations that will ensure that the company and its employees are all successful in there goals. This will consequently ensure that the clients of the company have more trust in the organization as a result of the improved flow of communication between the employees and the customers.