Socialization Now Anti-Social

Socialization is a developmental process where every person is capable of coming into contact with things and situations that ensure that they are socially acceptable (Berger, 25). This process commerce at birth and proceed constantly throughout person's entire lifespan. Socialization is affected by various factors that make an individual to have the true perception of the world. This makes individual to adapt to certain behaviors. These factors are called socialization agents, the environment, and the experiences that each individual has been exposed to mostly determine them (Clausen, 45). These socialization agents may bring about negative or positive impacts to an individual. Therefore, these impacts bring about long life effects to the socialization trends. The negative effects of socialization have been rampant making the current socialization be termed as anti-social. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that these negative socialization impacts are brought into light to ensure they are catered for to reduce their long time effect.

Anti-social behaviors

These behaviors are considered to have no regard for other people therefore causing damage to the whole society either intentionally or through negligence. According to psychiatrist, persistent anti-social behaviors are the main diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.

There are different medium that ensures the kind of socialization one is exposed to. These mediums are family, schools, peers, mass media, public opinion and religion. They all play a very big role in the socialization and the education process. However, it is thought that one is capable controlling their immediate control ad the influences of their behaviors. Therefore, the action taken impacts series of logical, rational decisions and they are filtered according to the choice of the one being modeled.


The consequences of socialization are capable of altering completely ones life and bringing about severe repercussion if not well directed. For example, the issue of education can be taken as a positive move towards creating a positive socialization (Wade, & Kendler, 256). However, the idea of each child getting to school with the same opportunity that foster success is not a valid assumption. This is due to the number of propounded impact that is supposed to be looked at in children to check the level of the above assumption. Some of the things that might affect the whole issue are the aspect of family status where the child has come from. The other aspect is kind of the school that the child attended, whether private or public school. It is also important to check the peers that one hung out with to ensure that the social part of the child is put in light (Wade, pg 256). The other factor that is supposed to be checked is the aspect of religious affiliation and the exposure to mass culture and media.

Therefore, being given economic systems that offers inequality of opportunity but in practices fosters disparities in social classes, it is therefore evident that education does not offer a level playing field that has been desired by the society but act mostly as an antisocial aspect.

Text messaging

Text messaging as been regarded as one o f the best technology of the current generation an it has reduced the issue of paper work making socialization less tiresome and expensive. The main point was that text messaging is quick, relative cheap and very important, private. However, this has come at a cost. It is extremely dangerous to text especially when driving than making a call. The reason being that in text messaging, one requires more concentration than when making a call thus may easily cause an accident. This can be seen on the number of the times that the one text messaging looks at the phone. One has to concentrate on the text rather making it difficult to concentrate on the road.

The issue of text messaging is so impersonal. This has reduce the mutual contact that the people had initially thus affecting their relationship. This has consequently affected their social life. Text messaging is also prone to being misunderstood making friendship cease. Text messages are always convenient as in times they arrive at the long time thus lacking the real meaning. The seriousness of the message cannot be felt as they is no that mutual contact that bring about facial expression,  tone variation and the mood that is required to ensure that the interpretation of the message is correct  as compared to face to face (Berger, pg 56).


Facebook as the recent form of social network among other has been in use especially among the young people. Though most of the people talk of it reuniting old friends, it has made them appear even farther than they initially were. This is because it has made the physical social interaction to be minimal bearing in mind that human beings are social animals. This has affected the communication skills of the young people as they use mostly short forms of the real words, it has reduced social skills as most of the young people think that through updating their profiles it is enough.

The issue of internet is liable of ensuring bad health to the people using them. Such social network as it is Facebook may reduce the physical activity of the people that may lead to most of them becoming obese.  The Facebooking takes most of the work time reducing the production of an individual (Clausen, pg 76). Take for example somebody was required to complete an assignment for two hours. Then, he/she decide to open the Facebook where there are about five friend request, six notifications, and several people online to chat with. Most of his planned time will be used in this making them less productive and inefficient because one may be prone to complete this work in a hurry thus compromising on the quality.

Worse still, through these social networks most of the people have fallen prey to people they do not understand ending up in unknown relationships. This ends up making them being maimed while others are also killed. The moral of the society has also been on the receiving end. There is a lot of moral decadent due to the exposure of especially young people to immorality through these social network.


Family has been termed as the initial and primary age of socialization in the children. Therefore, it plays an essential role in the transmission of the fundamental values that encourage and nurture learning in the young children. Nevertheless, no matter how much the condition of socialization are put to a level playing ground through laws and rights, children from both learned parents demonstrate an advantage over those whose parents are not learned in terms of socialization. Therefore, the children who have constant guidance on the socialization are more advantaged.

In the wake of the technological change, most of the socialization has been over the internet, television and other mediums of socialization. Mass media, which has been praised through its constant and effective platform for socialization, has turned from socialization to anti-socialization medium. This is due to the impact that it has to the upcoming generation. With adverts all over the internet, television among other, which has role of visual stimulant of young, minds (Clausen, pg 36). Therefore, the culture that has been portrayed in the mass media that emphasizes glamour, promiscuity, sexual satisfaction, comedic vulgarity, violence and immediate gratification needs.  These influences have completely changed the social behaviors of the individuals and watering the initial meaning of the technology. This has made the social medium to have more negative impacts on the individuals than positive as it was initially meant for.