Cheerful Pranks to Pull on College Friends

Change Their Computer Log-In Sound

If you can get your friend’s log in information or get into the computer while your mate is away, change the log-in sound to some crazy one. It can be anything on your choice, from a gun fight to the horror screams. Then, turn the sound system up maximally loud so that the next time your friend turns the computer on suddenly he/she is under siege.

Put a Dead Thing in Their Cereal

Just do not do it with a real dead thing! You should use a realistic looking one. This prank works great, especially with girls. You can put there a huge furry spider, little snake or even a rate.

Fill Their Dorm Room with Popcorn

This trick is quite cheap and easy. You can make it really quickly with about 10 bags of popcorn. You can easily transport it in the industrial-sized trash bags. Perfectly you should be able to leave through the window so that you can make the popcorn a couple of feet tall.

Wrapping Paper Room

Get several festive wrapping paper rolls and wrap the entire friend’s room in it. Even if you will need about 10 rolls, that is near $20 to do a full single dorm room.

Opposite Side Switch

This prank is free and very funny. While your friend is away sneak into his/her room and switch everything to the opposite side so that it matches perfectly. When your friend gets into the room and gets it to your attention, pretend you do not notice any changes and act as if your friend is nuts and it has been that way always. It would be especially funny if you can hold the composure.

Early Alarm plus Flattened Tires

If your friend is the kind of person who wakes up last minute, scrambles onto the bike, and heads off to class, you can use this prank to have some fun. Set the alarm and all the clocks in the room an hour ahead of schedule and flatten the tires so that your friend thinks he/she is going to be late.

Cover them in Flour While They Sleep

Get about 10 bags of flour and thoroughly and slowly cover your friend while he or she sleeps. Actually, flour is very comfortable.

Soda Bomb

Just put a little hole through one Mentos dragee, latch it onto a string, drop into a bottle of soda, and close the cap tightly. Then just put it into the fridge and wait until someone opens it and is bombarded with fizz and syrup.