Top 10 Ways to Look Beautiful

1. Keep Your Hair Neat

A number one thing that spoils your appearance is unwashed and greasy hair. You should always take into account the condition of your hair. Also, mind your hairstyle – an office look requires a stricter hairdo, while a beach party allows having a more casual look.

2. Choose Things that Compliment Your Face Structure

You may like wearing certain things, but it does not mean that they make you look good. Always take into consideration the special features of your face. For instance, long earrings are good for a round face.

3. Make up Your Face Well

It does not mean that you should make the heaviest possible makeup. Actually, too much makeup may spoil your natural beauty. Just mind where you are going and apply the makeup accordingly.

4. Make Sure Your Clothes are Ironed

If your clothes are not ironed, people will think that you do not give a damn about your look. Do not ever allow yourself to go out wearing crumpled clothes.

5. Accessorize Smartly

You may choose to wear lots of jewelry for a wedding, but otherwise, it is pointless. If you are a girl, who is going to the party, it is better to choose one attractive accessory. If you are a man, who recently bought a great watch, make it shine! 

6. Take Care of Your Skin.

The most important trick to make skin look good and healthy is to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. You may also help your skin by applying some organic masks and creams.

7. Carry MakeupTouch-Ups.

Ads say that makeup will last for the whole day. Do not trust them. Carry a comb for your hair, a lip balm for your lips if the weather is cold, a face wash in case you are undertaking a long journey, and a sunscreen if it is a sunny day.

8. Shoes.

If the look of your hair is a number-one important thing, then shoes are the second. Even if they are not expensive, you should polish and take care of them; they have to look good.

9. Coordinate Your Look.

Do not try to be a shop-window for all actual trends. Instead, choose things and colors that go together and look natural. Match your bag with your shoes and do not try to wear all your pieces of jewelry at the same time.

10. Dress according to Your Body Type.

Use the visual tricks! If you are short, choose a dress or a suit with long stripes. If you are plumper on sides, choose vertical striped. Find clothes that flatter your body type whatever it is.

Now, go out and shine!