How to Be a True Friend

Friendship is a treasure and there is nothing more valuable or important than finding a true friend. However, to find a true friend it is important to be a true friend. The most important aspect of being a true friend is that it solves any sort of relationship problems. Thus, one should always try to be true friend and to achieve this one should always know the norms of "How to be a true friend".

The first step is to friend of oneself because if one is unable to love him/herself it is not possible to love and accept others.The second step is accepting others. There may be negative parts in others but that is applicable for you too. Thus, the secret of being a true friend is to accept negative qualities of others as you are not perfect yourself under any conditions.

Next is the issue of dedicating time. It is important to make time for a friend and this way you can put the relationship in a high priority list. This would make you a better friend and a step further towards being a true friend. Ability to listening is another quality of a true friend. You must be a good listener and pay attention to the other to gain confidence and become a true friend.

Adding enrichment and value in the conversation is another very important way of becoming a true friend. When you provide proper and well thought feedback or comments it becomes mandatory that you are in a position of providing enrichment to the life of your friend.

Understanding is a norm in being a true fiend and it can be stated that it is one of the most fundamental aspects of the issue. When one understands, much becomes clearer in a relationship and this clarity is the driving force of a true friend. Helping out is the identity of a true friend and a true friend should always be ready to help out the other and this should be done without asking.

Finding common ground between the friends is a fundamental aspect of being a true friend. This is sharing and it ensures that you are on the path of becoming a true friend. Trust others and you would find that just by trusting the other person it would make a whole new dimension in the relationship. As a true friend it is important to trust and trust full heartedly. Lastly, always be interested in the other person as whenever you show interest in the other it means that you are paying attention and this is the final and most important aspect of being a true friend.

In conclusion, it should be noted that no two persons are same and we ought to recognize and accept diversity because diversity assists one to have a sense of belonging. In doing so, we are able to trust one another. With that trust, a true bond of friendship will be built. However, if one is in a true friendship, he/she is not in a state of relationship that is either permanent or static. A friendship, in this context, refers to the ways things are done around there, and our thoughts. It is of necessity that we work together. If we are able to trust each other, we can take risks among ourselves. As a result, there will be a possibility of expanding because in a friendship, joint innovations of beauty can be found among us. Also, we are capable of realizing our decency and inner beauty, which will eventually bring a sense of trepidation to us, can be shared.