Peak Oil

The main argument in the oil, smoke and mirrors is the political influence on the issues that need to be solved from the roots to avoid repeat of the same. In the film of peak oil it is trying to exhibit the current situation surround oil marketing and security after September 11, attacks. It compares the efforts of protecting U.S from terrorism with the increased demand for oil and the limited supply of oil. The film predicts economic situation the way it is and how it will be. It tries to explain the peak of oil production and the decline in supply which is surrounded by politics. Politicians do not talk about the causes of energy crises which is evident globally. The film compares the oil situation with the current economic crises that is being experienced globally. The use of oil in most industries causes the oil supply to decline and the prices of oil increases thus implicating on global economy. The U.S is trying to dominate the world through oil crises. The leaders do not really talk about what is causing the crises (Doyle, pp3).

September 11 attacks

The film is relating to September 11 attacks in the sense that despite the great effort to protect America from terrorists attacks, the politicians and the leaders do not take time to think or find out what was really the cause of attack. What drove the terrorist to attack U.S. they put all the blame on Israel without treating the cause itself, thus there might be a repeat of what happened in September 11. Politicians are using terrorism as a political weapon. This makes people lose trust in the leaders for you can never be sure what they are up to. The connection between the peak oil and the terror is on the U.S power. They are used in the film to show the lack of commitment by leaders in liberating people and the economy being put at stake. In the coming anarchy shows how population is increasing leading to urbanization and depletion of resources. This leads undermined government which in return threatens developed countries government (Doyle, pp2).

Both peak oil and terror attacks in the film are used to clearly show the leadership in the U.S and how they have politicized the issues instead of looking for the right solutions of the problems. The mirror symbolizes that attacks can be repeated and the smoke is the signs of attacks for the leaders are not dealing with the causes of attacks.