Criminal Justice

The appropriate job titles include YOT Referral Order Worker, Victim Support Advocate, Criminal Justice Social Lectureship, Probation Officer, and YOT Team Manager. These are the criminal justice jobs and therefore, appropriate to my area of study. Each of the jobs has its own job description which determines the qualities and the qualifications of the interested applicant. I will start with the job descriptions of YOT Referral Order Worker. The role of the YOT Referral Order Worker is to work with the Young Offenders based on Referral Orders to ensure that offending among the youths and juveniles is reduced (Crawford & Newburn, 2003). This contributes to the accomplishment of national objectives regarding to youth offending. These include: to confront young offenders with the effects of their offending; the swift justice administration to ensure that there is no delay when a youth is accused of violating the law; the use of interventions which can expose the specific factors that usually put youths at an increased chance to offend; to ensure that the youth offenders are punished according to the seriousness of the offence; to reinforce parents' responsibilities in leading their children; and to encourage monetary compensation or any other form of compensation to victims by the young wrongdoers. An employee earns a salary of up to 26.15 pounds per hour. I would like to work for the Red snapper Recruitment Group as a YOT Referral Order Worker (Gibson, Cavadino, & Faulkner, 2002).

The second job title that is related to my area of study is Victim Support Advocate. A Victim Support Advocate ensures that the local service providers are aware of any issue associated with victimization of individuals; bring about awareness on how the issues of victimization can be dealt with by their organization; and enable the local service providers to understand why they are regarded as a priority. The Victims Support Advocates will assess the services that are accessible by victims and witnesses within a particular geographical area; develop an engagement plan for stakeholders to take account of private, third party sector, and statutory organizations who are involved in providing services to victimized individuals and their witnesses; ensure that stakeholders come together in various types of forums at a local level so that their voice regarding victims and their witnesses will be heard; and ensure that issues relevant to victims and their witnesses are given more consideration in the political agenda as far as the election of the Crime Commissioners and Police are concerned (Mahony, 2002). The Victim Support Advocates are also concerned with identification of the priority service needs and concerns of victims and their witnesses by setting up relationships with victims and their witnesses at local level, community crime fighters, active community members, and voluntary and statutory sector partners; they need to gain a good understanding regarding how these service needs and concerns are currently being dealt with at the local level; and they are also involved in the production of the briefing materials for the incoming crime commissioners and police in regard to the issues of local victims together with a proposed course of action. A Victim Support Advocate earns an annual salary of 28,000 pounds (Barkan & Bryjak, 2011).

The Criminal Justice Social Lectureship is the third job title in the field of criminal justice. The work of a criminal justice lecturer is to impart knowledge to students who are studying various courses in the field of criminal justice and political science. An individual qualifies to be in this position when he has a Master's degree in Criminal Justice as a minimal requirement. He must be able to teach students on the introduction to criminal justice, corrections, research methods, and courts and must have the ability to academic counseling. A criminal justice lecturer must be committed to diversity and equality because these are the primary requirements in a just society. He is supposed to further the international reputation of a teaching institution for research regarding social work as well as its commitment to excel in administration and teaching. The annual salary of the Criminal Justice lecturers, range from 36,862 to 44,016 pounds (Barkan & Bryjak, 2011).

The fourth job title is the Probation Officer position. The Probation Officer is directly supervised by the chief probation officer or the assistant chief probation officer as he thoroughly investigates the offender's personal background, environment and history; reports the findings to court and is read to make suitable recommendations on the resultant dispositions; interviews probationers in a periodical basis to determine how probation supervision is effective and to determine the specific areas in which counseling is required; refers parolees to social resources in their respective communities to be assisted in rehabilitation; implements court orders; and recommends adjustment of court orders and rescinding of probation when necessary (Crawford & Newburn, 2003). Administrative duties of the probation officer include: maintaining the up-to-date and accurate case records in a legible and neat prescribed form; preparing and submitting monthly performance and statistical reports regarding the status of caseloads; maintaining a workbook with contacts and information of probationers; to follow court policy for supervising payment orders such as support orders, restitutions, and fines; and collecting and evaluating data about the individual cases in relation to both supervision and investigation. A Probation Officer must have a minimum requirement of Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from an accredited university or college. Probation officers earn annual salary of about 35,727 pounds (Barkan & Bryjak, 2011).

The fifth job title that is relevant to my area of study is the YOT Team Manager. A YOB Team Manager earns a salary of 35.24 pounds per hour (Gibson, Cavadino, & Faulkner, 2002). The YOT Team Managers are required to perform the following duties: to support the Head of Service and Group Manager to provide a youth offending service to ensure that families, juveniles, children, and communities with various intervention needs such as the intensive youth justice are effectively challenged and safeguarded, and to ensure that they have an access to the fabulous general services that satisfy their potential and obtain additional services that are easily accessible at local level; to support the Head of Service and Group Manager in the development, provision and reexamination of planning, commissioning, governance and performance of services for youths, children, their caregivers and families to cut down the overall costs and to maximize the life chances of the youths and children; and to ensure that services are operated efficiently for fully integrated and high quality services to young people, children and their families regarding the requirements national guidance and legislation (Crawford & Newburn, 2003). A YOB Team Manager is required to have the following essential skills and experiences: better understanding of the associated legislation and youth justice system; and an experience of commissioning, planning and performance frameworks within a partnership and multidisciplinary environment (Gibson, Cavadino, & Faulkner, 2002).

Relevant to the job titles in the field of Criminal Justice I have described, I would like to work for the following companies: Hickman & Rose Solicitors; Morgan Hunt; Probation Association; the Red Snapper Group; and Hoovers Company. Hickman & Rose Solicitors is a company that is committed to the rule of law and justice. This is a renowned company because it offers services to businesses and individuals both nationally and internationally. Hickman & Rose Solicitors are skillful in surveillance tactics, data protection, and police law. The company accepts only exceptionally talented and bright lawyers as its employees. Applications from the qualified lawyers are treated in the extreme confidence. Training and expertise crosses the boundaries of criminal justice department so that the employed civil lawyers obtain up-to-date information on criminal law and for the criminal lawyers to think outside the box. Unusual power is given to law enforcement and investigative agencies across the world. The purpose of Hickman & Rose Solicitors is to make sure that such powers are fairly exercised and according to law. This company has a reputation for defending individuals who are accused or suspected of criminal offences and is equally committed to upholding victims' rights. Hickman & Rose Solicitors works toward ensuring that there is no person who does not enjoy protection of law. I am interested in working for Hickman & Rose Solicitors because I strongly believe that I have the required qualification and because of the best work the company does in defending the accused individuals as well as upholding victims' rights (Sanders, 2001).

It is necessary to interact with a Criminal Justice Career Service Advisor during the time an individual is pursuing a course in Criminal Justice. This makes it possible for an individual to select appropriate criminal justice career. My interaction with criminal justice career service advisor provided me with reliable information regarding the opportunities that are found in the field of criminal justice. Because of the current, informative and reliable career information as well as job description, I can be able to arrive at an informed career decision and select a suitable career in the field of criminal justice. Due to the interaction with my career advisor, I discovered that it is very necessary to pursue a degree in criminal justice so that to achieve my dreams of becoming a probation officer. This is because the curriculum on criminal justice will provide me with a broad variety of options and backgrounds of different fields that are related to criminal justice as I progress in my career. A degree in the field of criminal justice gives an individual a strong basis in the chosen career. Therefore, for an individual to make an appropriate career choice in any field, he or she should interact with a career service advisor (Siegel & Senna, 2009).

A social network is defined as a social structure that facilitates dissemination of information between organizations or a group of people who share common interest, values, ideas, visions, or friendship. Information from different users of the social network sites such as MySpace can be shared by many people who can access the social network sites. Such information can have an impact on justice administration, investigation of law enforcement, defense, and prosecution. The networking has been found very important because of the following reasons: it promotes research and education in the criminal justice administration; it brings together individuals actively participating in teaching others on criminal justice with those individuals who work in the field of criminal justice; networking makes it possible to gather and disperse the information obtained through criminal justice research; it encourages understanding and co-operation among those individuals who are engaged in research and teaching in criminal justice and those who are practicing in the field criminal justice as a learned profession; networking can also result into the expansion of education regarding criminal justice. Therefore, in the field of criminal justice, social networking can facilitate justice administration, investigation of law enforcement, defense, and prosecution because a number of informed individuals interact across the world (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2008).

Naturally, every individual should have his or her career plan. Career planning is considered as a process that evolves over time and that gives an individual with necessary tools to select, evaluate, and sometimes change their career path. I thoroughly thought out my career plan and therefore I don't need to change my career path within the field of criminal justice. The obstacle to maintaining the career plan elements is when an individual does not take his time to carefully decide on an appropriate life career. Such an individual will end up changing from one career path to another within a short time interval (Walsh & Osipow, 1988).