Criminal Justice


Criminal justice is a scheme of practices among institutions related to the authority that stipulates control over the social controls in the society, the crimes and sanctions that violates the laws of the country. The system mainly comprises of the law enforcement sector, the adjudication that comprises mainly the courts and corrections which take place in the jails, prisons, parole and some on probation schemes.   The research on bullying by various organizations and institutions have all propagated the same point of origin which is the elementary education level and grows all through the education system spilling onto the world by infiltration of these graduates exposed to bullying in their daily lives. Bullying refers to the state of using abusive treatment on an individual irrespective of the place.

 The whole system is closely interrelated as one depends upon the other at any given time as they operate under same laws. Bullying is abusive treatment, the use of force or coercion to affect others in their working place or in institutions. It takes several approaches as it may be verbal or physical assault based on race, gender, religion or sex. This normally occurs in the work places where there is an imbalance of power among the personnel's of the firm. Bullying has been over time become a daily occurrence behavior in the society.  It is normally used to distract one mind either mentally or physically while per-taking on his/her daily chores. It is unethical character that must be forbidden from the society as it derives development in the entire economy as some people are unable to fully concentrate on their duties.


Approximately 50 percent of the Americans have reported that bullying was a serious or insignificant problem at the schools they went through and their current workplaces. Among the American citizens the teachers look at bullying as a significantly greater problem and have reported to come across bullying cases frequently in their school campus. In reality 45 percent of the citizens say to have witnessed bullying in the last month while 30 percent report to have encountered bullying in one way or another at least once a week. It has also been realized that across societies, learning institutions or staff working in quite small companies are prone witness bullying thus look at it as a very serious problem (Rigby, 9). 

To add on directly witnessing bullying more than half of the staff in different workplaces says to have tackled bullying cares involving them directly or their fellow colleagues. Across learning institutions in the US, the records show that 40% bullying cases have been reported to the teachers within the past month. It has also come to my notice that 20 percent of the parents report that their children have reported bullying cases to them from their neighborhood friends or from other social places. In addition to my survey showing bullying is prone among student it has also shown in some circumstances that bullying is present among adults. Approximately 18 percent of the working adult's populations have confirmed that were bullied by their fellow workmates or their bosses in different circumstances a large number involving the workers with their seniors as compared to workers in the same working level. 55 percent of the working staff has reported to be verbally bullied, 35 percent have reported to have been physically harassed and 50 percent of them say to have been socially harassed.  

Bullying has its own targets depending on gender, body mass, skin color and disabilities rather than cyber bullying. My findings have shown that there is 20 percent gender bullying among different populations, there is 23 percent body weight bullying thus who can not stand for themselves go through hell, 18 percent of the bullying cases is based on skin color and lastly 12 percent of the reported cases involve those with disabilities, their percentage is low because many of the citizens in the country perceive them to be needy and the religious t see it as sinning to God. When I questioned some of the individuals who had been bullied in their workplaces they reported that there is need for some training to be conducted among working places on how to handle cyber bullying.

In order to prevent bullying from taking place, policies and intervention efforts must be put in place. Across all the schools and the workplaces, many people said that it was their job to intervene whenever they witnessed or are victims of bullying. Despite this fact, the majority of the people in the workplace said that it was their responsibility and duty to intervene whenever there is an incidence of bullying. Therefore, it goes without say that it is every person's responsibility and duty to fight and curb crimes. Criminal justice and bullying is bad and should not be encouraged at all no matter what.

Their were different approaching reports from different citizens on how to cub verbal bullying, physical bullying and marital bullying, in that a number of them felt that the need for more training for the workers should be recognized. A few members argue that more focus should be put in on bullying those with disabilities and gender related bullying. Each American citizen thinks to have effective strategies if all of he or she is given a chance to share his or her individual views with others. It has also come to my conclusion that a majority of the citizens feel that there are no resources to cub this crisis and that strong consequences should formed to punish those indulging in bullying.

Future expectations

Analysts observe that just like viruses and other things; they evolve over time and change the more their victims take their time to put in place preventive measures. For example, as people are struggling to install security devices on their vehicles and homes, the thieves come up with technologies on how to neutralize them. Bullies are bad and not allowed in the society. Bullying is present at the work place and even schools. At the workplace it comes in various ways from physical, mental and sexual harassment. As time goes by, new ways of bullying are coming up with the advent of technology. At the same time, new and stringent measures are being put in place to cub this device (Rigby, 6).

The effectiveness and future of criminal justice depends major on the well trained individuals who can investigate crimes adequately. Effective and extensive training in criminal justice should be highly prioritized so as to fight crimes. Such courses should be offered to anyone who is willing to learn. At the end of the day, each step towards criminal justice is worth the effort instead of sitting there and waits for crimes to happen.

Cases of bullying are rampant at the workplaces. In order to effectively handle bullies at the work place, one has to take action against the bullies as this will go along way in curbing the device. Do not ignore and assume that bullying is not there as this may result in more problems. Workplaces have come up with necessary measures so as to curb bullying. For instance, the workplace has come up with a department that deals with cases related to bullying. The main objective of the department is to explain to the employees what the workplace feels about bullying. Whenever you notice a bullying incident, act quickly but ensure you are calm.

The future of criminal justice is bright because the United States government is coming up with appropriate strategies so as to combat this device if not to reduce the rate of crimes that are taking place.

Concluding opinions

In conclusions criminal justice is defined as a scheme of practices among institutions that are related to the authority which stipulate control over the social control in the society, the crimes and sanctions that violates the laws of the country. Criminal justice is real at the work place. Day in day out, bullies and criminals are coming up with new ways of doing their crimes and as such we must be prepared and stay at per with their developments. Bullying and criminal justice is bad and should be dealt with accordingly.

To curb the bullying, it is a responsibility of every individual to unite and coordinate in all ways using strategies among the members in the country. The  drawing up strategies, implementing and monitoring of wide and open plan of actions that will help in curbing up the bullying in both institutions and workplaces in the country. Mechanisms should be put in place at all the levels both the local and national to aid in the curbing of this unethical vice (Harris, 200). This will in turn give rise to collaboration among the involved parties in prevention of extra bullying and violence activities in the society.

The most affected sectors include labor, education, health, social welfare and the criminal justice system. It is the responsibility of those in authority to protect the human life and their financial resources by focusing on the problem of bullying that may affect their life negatively. It should also useful to carry out a promotion campaign that is against unethical vices like attitudes and behavior in the society. The introduction of such activities by the government will promote peace and help in the entire process of curbing of the bullying process in the society.