When you are a college student, you have to put up with many essay writing assignments. While you might be tempted to jump right into the task, you should never underestimate the importance of an essay outline.

What is an essay outline? The answer is simple - the outline for an essay is a general idea or plan that gives your writing assignment focus and organization. In this article, we will discuss how to make an essay outline that results in a well-written paper.

Writing an Outline: Making the Essay Writing Process Easier

When you have been assigned an essay, you will quickly find that the process can be a real challenge. But writing an effective essay outline can go a long way towards solving the problem. In particular, the outline allows you to organize your thoughts in a well-structured way, present your arguments or ideas in a more logical manner, make the thesis clearer, and prevent the paper from going off track.

Ultimately, if you have a good outline, the reader will be able to understand exactly what you are trying to convey. In addition, how you structure your essay will depend on how you write the outline.

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Preparing Your Outline

Even before you get to the outline writing stage, it is important that you understand the purpose of your essay. What does your professor want you to achieve? Are you attempting to persuade an audience? Are you writing a narrative? Or are you providing an objective description about a process? Once you figure this out, it is time to write the outline.

  • Develop a Topic

The first step is to obviously choose a topic. Once you have figured out what your instructor is expecting, do some brainstorming, make a list of ideas, and settle on a topic that is relevant and worth discussing. The best way to stay motivated is by selecting one that is personally interesting to you while staying within the guidelines of the assignment.

  • Identify the purpose, audience, argument/ideas

After you have chosen the topic, think about the purpose that the essay will serve. Also think about the audience that it is intended for. Finally, do some research and identify some of the strongest arguments or main points that will allow you to carry out your objectives.

  • Develop a thesis

Now that you have a topic and understand the audience and purpose of the task, it is time to develop a compelling thesis. It should only be one or two sentences long and should state a problem or argument that you intend to solve or defend. Make sure to choose a thesis that is accurate, clear and related to the overall topic.

Structuring Your Outline

Once you have completed these steps, you can now proceed with the outline. There are two primary essay outline formats that you can opt for: decimal and alphanumeric. The former exclusively uses numbers while the latter - which is more common- involves Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, and both capital and lowercase letters.

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