If you are a college or university student, you are probably got used to numerous types of writing assignments. One of the most frequently assigned academic papers is response paper writing. If your professor assigns you to write a response paper, he/ she most probably expects from you to provide a brief summary of the work you need to respond to along with your personal subjective evaluation of that assigned work. If you can easily cope with this assignment on your own, congratulations – you are one of those students with excellent critical and analytical writing skills. However, for a majority of students, this task seems unmanageable. That is why we offer response paper writing help provided by professional academic writers.

Writing a Response Paper: What Does It Entail?

Regardless of the type of writing homework you are assigned, you first need to properly understand the paper instructions to know what exactly you have to write about. When it comes to writing a response paper, you need to be aware of the general structure of the paper, i.e. two main sections: a book/ article summary and your personal reaction to the assigned literary work. In the subjective part of the paper, where you are required to react to the book or article, you need to provide your own analysis and evaluation of the literary work and emphasize on your main thoughts and opinions regarding it.

When you are given a response paper written assignment, keep in mind that the task is not limited to merely stating what you liked or disliked about the work. Rather, you are expected to provide an in-depth analysis and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the overall significance of the work. When you finish your essay, make sure to pinpoint whether you recommend it for reading or not (and provide argumentation why). As such, an effective response essay writing assignment should be convincing in nature. Apart from personal opinions, experiences, and examples, it should contain specific facts and expert opinions.

A response essay is otherwise known as a reaction essay since you need to react to what the author says and how he/ she reflects a specific issue. When writing a response essay, do not be overly formal and do not confuse this writing type with a formal review, where you are allowed to write in third person only.

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Response Paper Example

It is generally known for every student that, just like any other essay assignment, a response essay should be original and unique in content, which makes it plagiarism-free. For many students, it comes as a surprise that the response essays examples and samples found online can actually be helpful in it. Most importantly, they can serve as guides towards proper paper organization. Paper samples that were once original essays written by others can provide immense response paper writing help for students who have never before worked on response papers. In general, a sample essay can at least provide an idea what a response essay should look like.

Format of Response Essay Writing

The best advice on how to start writing a response essay is to compose an outline. If you are familiar with the other essay types, the process of writing outline will not cause you many difficulties. The standard scheme is the following:

  • Introduction

The introductory paragraph should provide background information on the issue under analysis. Besides, it should set the context of the work you are responding to. Regarding the paragraph length, it depends on the overall word count limit of the essay. Make sure it is no longer than a page if you have a relatively long paper.

  • A summary paragraph

Before you start the actual response and evaluation section, you need to provide a brief and logical summation of the book or article. It should be clear and understandable and provide the most important information for readers who are not acquainted with the analyzed book or article at all. Apart from merely describing the content, you can utilize your analytical skills and discuss whether the author succeeded in conveying the central idea whatsoever.

  • Argumentative paragraphs

After you have provided a summative paragraph, you need to work on the argumentative paragraphs that relate to the very response part. You need to identify the core issues that were touched upon in the literary work and address them in detail. Remember to devote a single paragraph to one idea. Keep in mind that you need to support any claim you put forward.

  • Conclusion

Make the conclusion brief and make sure to pinpoint to the core points you have raised in the essay. Make sure not to copy & paste the previously mentioned information. Just restate it in other words placing emphasis on the most significant aspects. Provide a statement concerning the overall effect of the work on the community, society, country, etc. Conclude whether the book was worth reading and whether it has influenced your worldview somehow.

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