It has been shown in studies that of all students in higher-level education, 28% have joined an online study program (one course at the very least), with many of them requiring discussion board help. These courses differ from traditional learning environments in that the students taking them are not given the opportunity to put up their hands to ask questions, nod when another student makes a good point, or chat with their professor(s) when a lecture has ended. Instead, discussion boards are their only form of interaction.

What exactly is a discussion board and why or when might students need discussion board help? A discussion board is a type of learning and interaction platform for those taking an online course. They are a way for students to interact and engage with one another, pose questions, and add comments. Additionally, they are a method for submitting class or coursework. Assignments distributed through discussion boards can vary and may involve reflecting on a piece of reading or providing short answers to questions related to materials covered in class. Essentially, answers required to a post to a discussion board are used to evaluate a student’s knowledge in a way that is similar to submitting an assignment in the conventional manner.

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  1. Begin by carefully examining the requirements of the task. One success strategy that is fairly obvious is making sure you really understand what is required by a course instructor. Be careful not to exceed the word count limit by too much or skimp on it by too much.  
  2. Solid evidence is very essential. Where a task requires a point or argument to be defended, speculative answers or unsupported claims are not sufficient. Every argument should be backed up with reliable sources. Even where assignments do not need or expect sources, a quotation from a respected journal or newspaper can make a considerable impression. And, needless to say, you should cite all sources to avoid being accused of plagiarizing.   
    When you are responding to an original question or comment, make sure you respond to any comments that are subsequently posted and when you start a new thread or conversation. Don’t just say “Your view is wrong” or “I disagree” and nothing more. Develop a credible stance that starts and encourages lively but respectful debate.
  3. Don’t delay in posting until the very last moment. When a fellow student or instructor posts a topic for conversation, it is likely there will be a time limit for responding before the thread is closed. Delaying until the end can make a post appear forced because you were obliged to add something in a hurry and this is unlikely to make a meaningful contribution to a discussion.
  4. If you are in any doubt, send your course instructor an email seeking advice or clarification. In the event you are unsure what an assignment requires or a comment you post is ignored, it is advisable you find out why. It may be that your fellow students are as confused as you about a particular assignment’s requirements.
  5. Pay attention to the tone of your posts and avoid acronyms and slang. Posts for Reddit and a class discussion board should not be treated in a similar manner. You should use complete sentences, capitalization, and correct punctuation where applicable. Neither is it appropriate to use all capital letters and a whole lot of exclamation marks. Clearly, you should not be personally insulting to other people or cuss at them. Do not forget that these posts are meant to be academic in nature – just the same as submitting any academic paper. It is acceptable to use smiley faces occasionally, but emojis should generally be used sparingly, even the popular unicorn emoji.

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